The Law Office of Anne Marie Giri

The Law Office of Anne Marie Giri


Anne Marie Giri, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Are you facing legal disputes and your future is on the line? Do you need assistance from a competent lawyer? Have you been injured and need help? Are you receiving the run around from the large volume firms? At The Law Office of Anne Marie Giri, I will fight for you and provide personal one-on-one service that you do not always find elsewhere. I am a home town, sole practitioner providing legal services in the areas of personal injury, probate, estate planning, and civil litigation.

Mission Statement

As the “People’s Attorney,” my mission is to fight for the rights of the everyday man and woman.

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Get the best legal aid you deserve at The Law Office of Anne Marie Giri. I offer a one-time free consultation so we can discuss your case in person. I am more than happy to meet with you to see what I can do to help you with your legal needs. For inquiries, call me or email me.